One of the things I miss most now that I do not eat glutenous things is flour tortillas. I have tried two store-bought brands and they were like eating chewy plastic.  Both broke when bent.  I also tried making my own once before this recipe and they came out like rubber.  But these tortillas are yummy and soft AND they don’t crumble and break when rolled.  I followed this recipe with a few changes.  I used Pamela’s BREAD Mix instead of the GF flour mix, and I omitted the xanthum gum and sugar as well because they are already in Pamela’s mix.

Note:  You will need A LOT of flour for dusting.  And I mean A LOT.  GF dough is often very sticky.  I just used white rice flour.  I rolled the dough in it.  Flattened it a little with my hands.  Flipped, dusted, rolled, dusted, flipped, dusted, rolled, and so on.  The cast iron skillet works well.

We are having breakfast burritos tonight!!