We are moving into a house this weekend!  I am so beyond excited!!!  It’s a great little house.  It has everything on my “hope for” list and more!  God really blessed our socks off in how He provided and orchestrated everything so that we could have this house.  Things I will not miss about living in a condo:

  1. Lugging 3 small children along with heaps and heaps of their paraphenalia up and down the stairs.  Coaxing, nay, BEGGING them along in a timely fashion.
  2. Our 6×9′ kitchen.  Hello spacious and bright new kitchen where I love to spend lots of time these days!
  3. Constantly reorganizing (although this has it’s good points) and purging our belongings to make room for our ever-increasing family and their STUFF.
  4. Our 6×9 foot…wait did I already mention that?
  5. Having to tell my girls to be quiet all the time because there is a sleeping baby in the same room or because our neighbors probably don’t appreciate all the thumps overhead…etc etc.
  6. Not feeling comfortable letting my girls play outside without me.  Hooray for backyards!!

So needless to say we have been super busy.  Our home smells like cardboard and we are constantly stubbing our toes on boxes.  We have packed up most of our kitchen, and I have to admit, I don’t know if I can make it another X days until I can try a new recipe.  I am ready for this crazy transition period to be over and to get settled in.  I’ve got an overwhelming amount of ideas for our new home floating around in my head that are dying to become reality.

THREE more days!  Three MORE days.