It’s been a busy and fun couple of weeks, and now I have more blog posts in my head than I have time for!

Chocolate Almond Flour Pancakes

We celebrated my birthday, I hosted a girls’ night, and then my parents came into town for a week.  Jeff and I went out for my birthday to this amazing restaurant in Cardiff called Ki’s.  Probably 75% of their menu is gluten-free (or can be made GF).  Not only that but they buy local, organic ingredients.  I had the macadamia coconut crusted mahi mahi.  Oh my goodness!  Our tummies were so happy!  The fish was so fresh, there wasn’t even a hint of fishiness.  We also had a gorgeous view of the ocean and were there to see a beautiful sunset.  Great place!  We’ll be back.

And while my parents were here, we went up to Disney Land and stayed overnight.  We went to California Adventure and got to check out the new Cars Land.  Super fun!   And CROWDED!!

So now I am frantically trying to get all that has been building up in my head, drafted.  All while finishing laundry, washing dishes, packing for a play date, going to said play date, and praying that the kiddos all cooperate for me at nap/rest time.  How do you mommy-bloggers do this???

It’s catch-up time!

Anyways, I am going to ease my way back in and start with this pancake recipe (didn’t I just do a pancake recipe?) that has been sitting as a draft for weeks now.

Jeff travels some for work, and when he is out of town, Spaghetti and Brinner (breakfast for dinner) are my go-to dinners.  I made these pancakes for such an occasion.

Chocolate Almond Flour Pancakes

Chocolate Almond Flour Pancakes

A chocolate version of these Almond Flour Pancakes


3 large eggs

1 Tbsp vanilla extract

3 to 4 Tbsp agave (or other sweetener)

1 1/2 cup blanched almond flour (I used Honeyville Farms)

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp almond milk

oil for cooking


1.  In large bowl mix together the eggs, vanilla, and agave.

2.  Add in dry ingredients and mix well.

3.  Starting with 1/4 cup, add in almond milk, adding more until desired pancake consistency.  I used 1/4 cup plus 2 Tbsp.

4.  Cook as usual you would any other pancake.  🙂  Note:  Cook on very low heat as they may burn easily per Tessa’s comment below.  Thanks Tessa!

Chocolate Almond Flour Pancakes

Serve with peanut butter and sliced bananas.


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