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Sounds yummy doesn’t it?  Well, it just might be my new favorite thing!  The first time I heard about it was at a Farmer’s Market where I tried this delicious almond-based spread that was gluten-free and vegan.  She said it was made with nutritional yeast.  Meant nothing to me at the time, but as I have read through many vegan food blogs, I started to see nutritional yeast more and more.  I found out it has a wonderful cheesy flavor, and many vegans use it for that purpose alone.  But in addition to the cheesy flavor, it is also nutritious!  Never would have guessed, huh?  What with a name like nutritional yeast.

The other day I had some basil I needed to use up and I had this little recipe pinned in my pinterest.  All I needed was some nutritional yeast.  This was my chance!  Now I have made pesto without parmesan, and it works.  But if I could add a little cheese flavor without the dairy, why wouldn’t I? So I did.  And it was fantastic!!

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I have been eating Gluten Free for over a year now and I am just now discovering recipes with almond and coconut flours.  I am guessing because of the whole Paleo Diet (which is grain-free) becoming popular.  But anyways, I LOVE these grain-free flours.  Not that I have anything against ALL grains.  I just love that I can make all kinds of normally-carb-packed goodies with these flours that are higher in fiber and protein than most other gluten-free flour substitutes and wheat flour alike.

Whole wheat : Dietary Fiber 3g, Protein 4g

Coconut : Dietary Fiber 11g, Protein 5g

Almond : Dietary Fiber 2g, Protein 7g 

Brown Rice : Dietary Fiber 1g, Protein 2g

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