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Of what you ask?  Of being migraine free!!  I have not had one migraine since the end of May, last year!!!  I can’t believe it.  I am so thankful.  I feel like a completely different person.  Now, when I get the occasional headache, I am reminded of the days spent barely able to open my eyes or move, yet still having to somehow at least get up and feed my kids.  UGH!  Feeling nauseous and, more often than not, throwing up throughout the day.  Thinking I’d rather be giving birth (and I have done it without meds so I can say this and really mean it) than feel the way I felt.

I am so very glad those days are over!  And yes I do still get an occasional headache.  Most are simply annoying but I can easily carry on with my normal daily routine.  Sometimes they bring me down a little.  I know that gluten and dairy aren’t the only culprits.  Not drinking enough water, not wearing sunglasses, sometimes wine, changes in the weather, or eating a rich dessert in the evening.  I also know that I feel my best when I am eating things that nourish my body.  And there are days when I am not so good about this (er hmm…sweet tooth) and I can feel it.

So I will continue on.  Striving to make good decisions in the kitchen for myself and my family.  I feel like celebrating a little so I think I will head off to go make this cake.

PS – I updated my ABOUT page and my RECIPE page is completely up to date with a categorized list of all of my recipes thus far.


We are moving into a house this weekend!  I am so beyond excited!!!  It’s a great little house.  It has everything on my “hope for” list and more!  God really blessed our socks off in how He provided and orchestrated everything so that we could have this house.  Things I will not miss about living in a condo: Continue reading