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Ah summertime!  Who doesn’t love warm weather and the smell of fresh food grilling on the grill?  I LOVE it.

I always check our weekly Sprout’s ad for their specials on fish.  We try to eat fish often (our girls typically like fish too) and try to buy wild-caught as much as possible.  Wild-caught is better for you and tastes significantly fresher.  The wild-caught varieties always seem to be more obscure types of fish compared to their farm-raised counterparts.  You just never know what is going to be on sale that week.  That’s all part of the fun!

This particular week it was swordfish, the steak of the sea.  Great for grilling!  I jazzed up this teriyaki marinade recipe and marinated the fish for about 6 hours.  Very tasty!  Jeff said, “This is restaurant quality!  …No, it’s better than restaurant quality!”

Teriyaki Swordfish and Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Teriyaki Swordfish


1 1/2 lb wild-caught swordfish Continue reading


I don’t care at all to be rich.  I don’t want a big house or fancy cars.  I don’t need designer clothes or 80 pairs of shoes.  But when it comes to the grocery bill, I sorely wish that money were no object.

Eating well can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be.  The following meals are what I put together with what we had on hand already and $85 worth of groceries for our family of five for a week.

Chili-Lime Cod (frozen wild-caught that I had in the freezer already)with Cilantro Pesto over brown rice, sauteed onions, and black beans.

I subbed nutritional yeast for the Parmesan, but you can just as easily leave both out.

This cilantro pesto is so incredibly delicious.  I’m drooling Continue reading

“Where did you learn to cook so well?”

“Mmmm, I love this fish!”

“I can eat the skin.  I like the skin!”

Hearing things like this at dinner time really just kind of makes my day.  I LOVE knowing that good healthful foods are going into my family’s bellies…and that they enjoy it too.  Especially when ALL of them enjoy it.  This salmon was fantastic and easy!  Don’t we all love to hear that?  That a meal is tasty and easy to make?

On a side note…I have noticed that meat does not make a pretty subject.  Especially when you are hungry and just want to sit down and eat!  Ha!

Balsamic Salmon

Balsamic Salmon

Ingredients: Continue reading

Cabbage Stir-Fry

The very first recipe I created on my own was a stir-fry.  I was in Japan.  The food there was completely different from what I normally ate (fish and broccoli for breakfast, fermented soy bean, pickled plums, etc), but Japan is where I learned to become braver in my eating.  I learned to like vegetables more.  And because of the lack of sugar in the typical Japanese diet, I also binged on ice cream and the m&ms and peanut butter my mom sent me (that I begged her to send me).  I actually looked a little Continue reading

At least mine do!

Roasted chicken your kids will love

Before this chicken I was never very good at roasted chickens.  They always came out dry and bland.  But this one…this one is fabulous!!   The girls (and husband) love it!  Tabitha especially loves it.  She calls it her favorite chicken.  Every time I am making chicken, she asks, “is it my favorite chicken?” with big hopeful hazel eyes. Continue reading

I love soup.  I had carrots.  I had apples.  I needed dinner.  May-Gray was upon us and it was an overcast and chilly-ish day.  So I made this soup:

Carrot Apple Soup

With this salad: Continue reading

Had to take my Mama to the airport this morning.  😦  Her week here with us went waaaaayyyy too fast.  Always does.  Thanks for all of your help here, Mother!  Looking forward to seeing you and Pops next month!!

So needless to say, I have a back-up in the recipe queue.  Hopefully I can pop these babies out over the next week.  Get those taste buds ready!

Anywho, I have been wanting to jazz up my salad repertoire lately.  And well, really I wanted to create a salad for the sole purpose of trying out this Creamy Avocado Dressing recipe.  I used the Cilantro Lime Kabobs as inspiration and made this delicious salad:

Salad Mexicana with Creamy Avocado Dressing

Like I have said before I love the flavors of lime, cilantro, and Continue reading