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I don’t care at all to be rich.  I don’t want a big house or fancy cars.  I don’t need designer clothes or 80 pairs of shoes.  But when it comes to the grocery bill, I sorely wish that money were no object.

Eating well can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be.  The following meals are what I put together with what we had on hand already and $85 worth of groceries for our family of five for a week.

Chili-Lime Cod (frozen wild-caught that I had in the freezer already)with Cilantro Pesto over brown rice, sauteed onions, and black beans.

I subbed nutritional yeast for the Parmesan, but you can just as easily leave both out.

This cilantro pesto is so incredibly delicious.  I’m drooling Continue reading


Sounds yummy doesn’t it?  Well, it just might be my new favorite thing!  The first time I heard about it was at a Farmer’s Market where I tried this delicious almond-based spread that was gluten-free and vegan.  She said it was made with nutritional yeast.  Meant nothing to me at the time, but as I have read through many vegan food blogs, I started to see nutritional yeast more and more.  I found out it has a wonderful cheesy flavor, and many vegans use it for that purpose alone.  But in addition to the cheesy flavor, it is also nutritious!  Never would have guessed, huh?  What with a name like nutritional yeast.

The other day I had some basil I needed to use up and I had this little recipe pinned in my pinterest.  All I needed was some nutritional yeast.  This was my chance!  Now I have made pesto without parmesan, and it works.  But if I could add a little cheese flavor without the dairy, why wouldn’t I? So I did.  And it was fantastic!!

Basil Pesto with Nutritional Yeast Continue reading